Below is a description of the main features of the software, as the photorealistic materials, the unfolding workshop, the illumination… Anything that can make your design easier. Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list, it’s just to give you a little taste of what you’ll get.

Real-time 3D rendering software

Import your models from popular 3D and CAD formats. Adjust the materials and labels, position the sun and the HDR environment with real-time 3D rendering feedback. Add post-process effects for a breathtaking finishing touch.

Photo-realistic materials

Craft photo-realistic materials and stickers with our simple and non-destructive workflow. Get stunning effects with multiple layers, textures, and patterns. Reuse them on any surface and model.

Unfolding Workshop

Prepare the surfaces to receive any material by adjusting metric UVs on the surfaces according to the constraints you choose. In 1 click, the unfolding is done!

Billions of configurations

Create variants for the shape of the surfaces and their appearance with aspect layers. It’s simple and very powerful. Configure a unique product among billions of possibilities in a few clicks.


Parallax Bump Mapping

Obtain, in one click, effects of depths and geometrical reliefs in materials. Ease the 3D feeling of your materials, and obtain effect of depths that you couldn’t get normally.



Find multiple types of sources, the spot for a Studio effect, area sources to create effects on your models… Prepare, configure an infinite number of lighting scenarios via illumination layers. 


Raytracing rendering

Add reflections to your model and start a ray-tracing calculation to get a faithful very high-quality image. Bounds, reflection, roughness … are already set so you get to the rendering faster!


Measurement tools and cutting plans

Analyze depthly your model, see the inside without removing external surfaces, shoot technical visuals. With the measurement tools, check the conformity of the components, and the scale of your product.



Customize your model with stickers free positioning and adjustment. Logos, graphisms, iconography,  add them all easily and interactively. The possibilities are endless!


Animation / Live Mode

Make your model come alive with advanced animation and constraint features. Set triggers to interact directly with geometries, materials, lighting and so much more.


HDR Light Studio compatibility

Generate high quality, photo studio like environments and enhance your HDR images. Create, adjust or simply paint lights and reflections on you model. Day time scene, dim lights, you can manage all that with this wonderful tool, directly plugged to Patchwork 3D.


Real-time Sun

Take advantage of this interactive and ready-to-animate sun, and give a vibrant feel to your scene. Use it to inspect shapes and materials behavior under various lighting situations.

Create textures with texts

Enhance your workflow with a built-in text editor, and generate textures to integrate in your materials, stickers and overlays. All of this, without leaving the software to add a simple text on an object. 

No need for a 2D software!

Trigger animations from keypresses in live mode

Put triggers on surfaces, so that when you click the mouse it triggers an animation in live mode. It also allows you to determine the behavior of this animation (can it be paused if you click again, is it necessarily continuous, can it be played in reverse). You choose!

Import formats

Import and prepare 3D models using your favorite file formats, including CAD data from the most influential surface and volume modeling software.

VR Objects and panoramas (videos 360)

Create more than simple images and videos and explore new visual experiences, by snapshotting turnaround and immersive views.