Buy Patchwork 3D v7

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Minimum Configuration

OS: Windows 7 x64 or newer

Processor: Intel Pentium Core i5 SandyBridge or higher, AMD Athlon II X4 or higher.

RAM: 16 GB for raytracing

Available disk space: 10 GB

  • Nvidia Quadro K4000 (3 GB - workstation)
  • Nvidia Quadro K2000 (2 GB - workstation)
  • Nvidia Quadro 5000 (2.5 GB - workstation)
  • Nvidia Quadro 4000 (2 GB - workstation)
  • Nvidia Quadro K2100M (2 GB - laptop)
  • Nvidia Quadro K3000M (2 GB - laptop)

Nvidia graphics cards must be used with a suitable driver, that is, with drivers 295.73 or higher. The driver 344.11 is recommended.